The following four major Access-related collections are accessible only from this accesstampabay site: navigating thru the simulated hcplc links not in the collection blocks will take you away from this site.  A description of each collection is posted here, but actual access is limited to viewers with appropriate credentials.

Access Enabling

TH/CAC Resource Manual. SuTB and TECC incorporations, contracts with and enabling by City and County. Eff 5/14/04.

Stewart Report  
Includes most of the hard-copy provided via the CiAC in connection with its quest Sep - Oct 2001 for Community Standards.

SuTB in District Court
Arguing for protection under the First Amendment, scores easy win over BOCC in September 2002. Excoriateded in January 2005 by the Batronies, case pending.

CaAC Minutes / Captions

As of 8/16/02, the most complete continuing single source collection of the proceedings for what is presently known as the Tampa-Hillsborough Cable Advisory Committee.   Started Jun 1986.

Earlier editions were scanned from hard-copy source.  Captions were used when available, ie till 9/2002.  Minutes representing subsequent meetings are currently in preparation.

BOCC Public Comment

Verbatim audience comment as invited by the Chair at the start of each regular BOCC meeting.  Indexed and arranged by speaker (lately with pics), you may select either single speakers from an annual list


or from context-free multiples. Started July 2001.

Downloaded and rearranged from the HTV-22 captioning site.   

Supreme Court decisions


Index to over 1100 decisions, incl many Bill of Rights hearings.


Member Access


Access arrangement currently in development.