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daurril: video management: Jefferts Shori at St Mary’s


As of Wednesday, November 12th 2008, two 11-minute clips pertaining to the event captioned below are available for your viewing and comment on YouTube. These may be treated as storyboard editions, preliminary to the preparation of a I-hour program scheduled for cablecast in Tampa in March. One clip is called the Sermon, and the other is the Service. Recent editing efforts to recover their low audio seem to have succeeded, as have concurrent attempts to secure the necessary cablecast releases from all the principle clergy.


While Jim DeLa’s excellent collection of stills continues to be available, Rex Eaton’s straight-from-the-board audio of the Sermon is no longer downloadable. In fact, while continuing to make absolutely no reference at all to my contribution to her tour, the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida seems to have mounted its own fairly biased take on the Presiding Bishop’s entire visit. It’s website’s earlier rather modest original newscast has been modified to include the four clips from her comments in Venice most likely to terrify the Faithful. Called “In her own words,” these were soon augmented in the most recent Southern Cross by the text for five more. I have therefore recently petitioned Jim to include all these in my cablecast, in order to put the Diocese’s enthusiasm for her Saint Mary visit in the proper perspective.