from Joe Daurril: commentary from Tampa Bay, Florida USA
Understanding from the perspective of Author Mode



Welcome to my formal Greek pages at this Athenean site. I would llike to share with you my understanding of a world that began with a love for its Gods, yet became the site for the West's first major appreciation of Montheism. It is a people who had no written mythoogy as late as 200 years after the court of David published most of the Old Testatment, yet within another 300 years produced Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, not to mention Pythagoras and Pericles. Militarilly they would consume (after all the Mediterranean) the Assyrians who consumed Isreal and the Babylonians who consumed Judah. they would provide the Ptolomies and Selucedes who alternated rule in Palestine untill the time of Christ. And they (not the Romans) would be the Gentiles from among whom came the first corporate expression of Christianity.


We begin with thoughts of authorship. The world produced by Homer (most familiar to us) is build on an epic understanding of events in Troy about 400 years before his time. We will momentarily revisit that pantheon, Yet Homer (like Moses) is not necessarily a historical character. Equally familiar to the early Greeks were the works of Hesiod., who contributed extensively to their understanding of "heaven", and has left writing very clearly identifying him as historical.

BG art is the Poseidon of Artemission (460 BC; National Archeological Museum).