joe daurril's home page (dedicated to the memory of kathy anders (1947-1988)).

The present site anchors and hosts a former GeoCities collection inaugurated in May 2000. As an effort in reconstruction inaugurated this July (2006), we hope we may be excused for any duplication or omission during the transition.

Content Advisory


As at the Vatican, some of the folk represented here are not wearing any clothes. And they are not necessarily where you might expect to find them..

The content of this collection was described in 2002 as:

We would like to suggest the possibility that the several well-known phases of pre-Christian (ie "Pagan") Greek history may be interpreted as a unity and logical precursor to what became the Byzantine Church. That in fact many of what are now cult issues were manifest and resolved by the Greeks themselves in their own historical time.

His original Public Access USA site will soon be reactivated, showing now an expanded new entry reviewing Tampa's PAC .  If you actually live and play in Tampa Bay, you may as well visit our Churches.  While you are still here, you may examine Joe's preliminary specifications for a state-of-the-art transporter   database system. Other leisure time goes to occasional engagement in film criticism

From out of the thrilling days of yesteryear, you are now invited to monitor Joe's reconstruction in 2001 of his (and other's) high school identity: time travel at its best.  Also, most (we assume) of 1955's HS grads were born in 1937 - a year that first noticed publication of Harvard's Talcott Parsons'  The Structure of Social Action.  The rest of this year (and some of next) is focused on starting a Parsons' tribute site


Folk accessing this site might need to know that the late Kathy Anders, who co-hosts this site with me, evidently does so somewhat indirectly. So many of her outlooks and attitudes have become mine, I may say even now she is always represented here. I must also credit her friend and mine, Cynthia Durbahn Herrera (and her young children at the time (1967) - Kimberly & Christopher), for affecting this site with their particular joy in family life.


In order to make this Welcome page therefore at least SOCIALLY more useful than before, I have added links to personal profiles created according to guidance from two of America's leading online dating services: Yahoo!Personals and Folk visiting this site with less carnal intent may of course quickly go on to other places. But for those so perhaps fortunate as to have received one of my business cards at their local grocery or bookstore, enjoy!


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